Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunacy Music at the Spiral Dance

"God Was a Woman," a popular song from Lunacy's second album, Hand of Desire, will be sung at Reclaiming's Spiral Dance performance this Oct 29th, during a memorial for author Merlin Stone, who passed in Feb of this year.

For more information, check out:

Keith Ward, the amazing artist who designed the Lunacy CD, is working on Hand of Desire as we speak  as I type. There's still time to pre-order it and get free shipping. (See ordering information in the previous post below from March.)


  1. I would love to pre-order, and I would like to do it via Pay-Pal. Will you please let me know when the link is up to do so!

  2. Several years ago a friend lent me a copy of your first album which was wonderful and inspired and some of the most beautiful and strong music I have ever heard. When I tried to track it down to buy a copy it was impossible to find. Thank you for giving this gift back to all of us. I too would like to pay with paypal if possible please let me know if you are planning to use paypal. I will still buy both but it will just be quicker,, I am so excited.

  3. Dear One,

    Please set up paypal account and/or set up a deal with so people can download your music as MP3s. Lunacy deserves wide distribution and without online purchase as an option it may languish.

    Love ya, Ivo Dominguez, Jr

  4. Dear Sparky -- please add my voice/pixels to those desiring a PayPal payment option and an MP3 download choice. I'm attempting to not purchase more pieces of plastic these days.

  5. I agree with those requesting paypal options and mp3s. If I buy a CD, it will be only to download it on the computer! I have very old cassette tapes of your music and I can't wait to be able to play it again in the house!

  6. I agree with those requesting paypal options and mp3s. If I can buy the CDs, it will be only to download them to the computer! I had cassettes of the first two(long since worn out). I have missed these beautiful songs and will buy all three albums if possible. Just tell me how. Thanks.